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Aug 05 2014

Domino Presley Pretty In Pink On Shemale Yum!

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The beautiful Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley was back in action recently on the pages of Shemale Yum, looking pretty in pink panties and a pink top for her sexy set. I think that everything that can be said about Domino Presley has probably been said before so I’ll just let the pictures here do the […]

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May 20 2014

Red Chair Beauty With Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley!

I’m sure I have said this numerous times here at the Domino Presley Fan Blog, but I’ll continue saying it as long as there are pictures of Domino to show off. There are very few girls in the industry who can successfully pull off a set like this one and “get away with it”. Domino […]

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Mar 04 2014

Domino Presley – The Trap – The Unicorn

From Domino: Many have questioned me on what I mean when I say “I’m the trap”. When a guy flirts with me or takes me home unaware of my Unicorness, he is falling into “the trap”. Being that this happens quite often, A friend of mine thought it suiting to call me The Trap. How […]

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Feb 11 2014

Sleeping Over With Domino Presley On Shemale Yum!

I think this little sleepover with Domino Presley on Shemale Yum is about to heat up in a big way! You’re going to want to head on over and check the action out for yourself this Valentine’s Day! COME CHECK OUT MORE DOMINO PRESLEY AT SHEMALE YUM!

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Mar 12 2013

What Is Happening Here With Domino Presley On Shemale Pornstar?

Domino Presley is, for some strange reason, shoving her pink panties into Christian’s mouth here at Shemale Pornstar. I’m not sure what is going on here but I’m sure that Members of the site know… Go get in on the know yourself!

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Jan 29 2013

Revisiting Domino Presley And John On Shemale Club!

I was flipping through some of the shoots on Shemale Club and came across this awesome scene of TS Domino Presley with John. For those of you who loved Domino Presley before she got her boobs done, you’ll love watching this sexy Shemale Pornstar in this scene. When you watch Domino Presley in early scenes […]

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Nov 08 2012

Sexy Shemale Domino Presley Debuts On Shemale Yum!


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Jul 24 2012

Sweet Kisses With Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley!

I know that most of you have probably fantasized about fucking the pretty ass that Domino Presley puts on display at her Official Site, but how many of you would give your right arm just to plant a soft kiss on her beautiful face? I think Domino must really enjoy making out and I don’t […]

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Apr 03 2012

Come Get Wet With Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley!

OK, so it doesn’t appear that Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley is actually taking a shower in this scene, but I think you get the idea. I’m pretty sure that if you stare at the pictures in this gallery long enough, you’re going to develop some wetness in your pants… Don’t you just love the thought […]

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Mar 15 2012

TS Domino Presley Stuns While Running The Red Carpet!

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Domino Presley was the perfect girl to tap to run the red carpet at the 2011 Tranny Awards… The only problem is that she probably ended up upstaging all the girls who came through the line! Seriously, I’m not quite sure how the girls managed to actually get out complete sentences with the lovely Domino […]

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