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Aug 11 2010

TS Domino Presley Live This Thursday On Stage!

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TS Domino Presley will be performing live this Thursday at Blue Moon Nights in Los Angeles for the weekly Tgirl Thursday event! And, if you’ve watched that YouTube video of Domino (aka Jazmin Aviance) from a couple of posts ago, you know that this girl can shake that ass of hers! Domino will be joined […]

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Aug 05 2010

Domino Presley Performing As Jazmin Aviance…


Holy Crap! I had no idea that our girl Domino Presley could move her body like this! What a freakin’ hot little dance video! I also didn’t know that Domino used to perform under the stage name Jazmin Aviance… Now I’ve dun learnt my thang for the day! I have to say, I thought I […]

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