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Feb 11 2014

Sleeping Over With Domino Presley On Shemale Yum!

I think this little sleepover with Domino Presley on Shemale Yum is about to heat up in a big way! You’re going to want to head on over and check the action out for yourself this Valentine’s Day! COME CHECK OUT MORE DOMINO PRESLEY AT SHEMALE YUM!

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Dec 31 2013

Happy New Year From The Domino Presley Fan Blog!

We’d like to wish all of our readers here at the Domino Presley Fan Blog a very happy New Year and thank you all for your readership throughout 2013. We hope that you’ve all enjoyed checking out the free pictures and videos of TS Domino Presley that we’ve featured here in 2013 from sites like […]

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Dec 10 2013

Luscious Leather With Domino Presley On Shemale Club!

Here are some great pictures of the lovely Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley looking luscious in leather over at Shemale Club. Have you ever seen a flatter stomach in your lifetime? I have to say, Domino Presley must eat one stalk of celery a day or something… whatever it is, it is certainly working for her! […]

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Dec 03 2013

Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley Will Make You Wet!

There is no doubt that Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley will make you wet… whether you’re a guy or a girl! Guys love the thought of Domino Presley sucking on their cocks and I’ll bet that any girl would probably have to think twice about switching teams for the beautiful TS Domino Presley! COME GET WET […]

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Nov 26 2013

Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley Sexy On Shemale Yum!

You know, I think that using the term “sexy” to describe Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley is almost a little silly at this point, as clearly, that is being repetitive. Domino Presley is sexy… there is no doubt about that. Domino Presley turned in this set at Shemale Yum recently, and I’ll bet Members there are […]

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Oct 08 2013

Creative Glamor With Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley!

Here are some pictures from the last set that Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley did before she took her break from Shemale porn. I think it was a really sexy set and you just had to be disappointed if you were a Domino Presley Fan that she went out at what seemed like a really creative […]

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Oct 01 2013

Breaking – Domino Presley Returns To Porn At Shemale Pornstar!

When it comes to Shemale Pornstars that can excite their Fans and put on great hardcore performances, Domino Presley is one of those girls. Domino has been absent from the world of Shemale porn for quite some time but recently, some new sets of her have begun to surface, including this great scene featuring her […]

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Sep 17 2013

Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley Returns To Shemale Club!

Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley recently made a couple of surprise appearances at Shemale Club, which may or may not signal a return to the world of Shemale porn for one of the most beautiful Transsexual models to have ever graced the industry. You have got to just love the natural beauty and professional posing that […]

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Apr 11 2013

Domino Presley And Her Hard Shemale Cock On Shemale Yum!

Sexy Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley closed out her debut year in Shemale porn with this sexy set over at Shemale Yum. TS Domino changed her look quite a bit over the course of the year, sporting purple highlights and darker hair here. What didn’t change though, is that perfect body of hers, which she was […]

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Apr 11 2013

Domino Presley Unloads Some Hot Cum At Shemale Pornstar!

You can bet that after her first hardcore appearance at Shemale Pornstar, Members there and Fans of Domino Presley, were left wanting MORE! They soon got their wish, and TS Domino Presley returned later on in the year with this sexy, hardcore scene that should get your blood racing! This is a Domino Presley scene […]

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