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Oct 07 2014

Fucking And Filled With Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley!

Why just look at Domino Presley’s hot ass when you can imagine yourself fucking it! Domino Presley is getting all the action her ass can handle and she wants you to watch! Swing on by and watch Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley fucking right now! COME CHECK OUT MORE AT DOMINO PRESLEY’S PORN SITE!

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Jun 03 2014

Smoking And Stroking With Tgirl Pornstar Domino Presley!

This set featuring the lovely Tgirl Pornstar Domino Presley reminds me of one of those scenes from the old exploitation movies, where the girl comes back after a hard day, halfway drunk, strung out, and horny as heck! Domino Presley settles down in front of her motel air conditioner and reaches slowly into her tight […]

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Apr 11 2013

Domino Presley Shoots Some Cum At Frank’s Tgirl World!

I mentioned in an earlier post that one of my favorite Domino Presley scenes is over at Frank’s Tgirl World, and here are some pictures from the scene. I don’t know what it is about this set that I find so sexy, especially since I’ve never been particularly into the “goth” look, but still, every […]

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