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Sep 30 2014

Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley And That Hot Ass!

One of the hottest asses in all of Shemale porn has got to belong to the lovely Domino Presley! Check out all of it that you can handle over at her Shemale porn site today! COME CHECK OUT MORE SHEMALE PORNSTAR DOMINO PRESLEY!

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Jul 15 2014

Sexy Stroking With Tgirl Domino Presley On Shemale Club!

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Here are some great pictures of Tgirl Pornstar Domino Presley from her first set over at Shemale Club. I love this set because it really shows Domino when she was already an established name, but still kind of new to Shemale porn as well. This set, I think, has just about everything in it that […]

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Jul 01 2014

Domino Presley In Black And White On Bob’s Tgirls!

If there is one Shemale Pornstar who can take a simple black backdrop and make it look amazing, it is the awesome Domino Presley. Here at Bob’s Tgirls, Domino looks visually stunning in her black and white dress, and even better once she has stripped it off to reveal that amazing body of hers. Take […]

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Dec 31 2013

Happy New Year From The Domino Presley Fan Blog!

We’d like to wish all of our readers here at the Domino Presley Fan Blog a very happy New Year and thank you all for your readership throughout 2013. We hope that you’ve all enjoyed checking out the free pictures and videos of TS Domino Presley that we’ve featured here in 2013 from sites like […]

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Dec 03 2013

Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley Will Make You Wet!

There is no doubt that Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley will make you wet… whether you’re a guy or a girl! Guys love the thought of Domino Presley sucking on their cocks and I’ll bet that any girl would probably have to think twice about switching teams for the beautiful TS Domino Presley! COME GET WET […]

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Oct 08 2013

Creative Glamor With Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley!

Here are some pictures from the last set that Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley did before she took her break from Shemale porn. I think it was a really sexy set and you just had to be disappointed if you were a Domino Presley Fan that she went out at what seemed like a really creative […]

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Nov 08 2012

Sexy Shemale Domino Presley Debuts On Shemale Yum!


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Sep 25 2012

Officer Naughty Domino Presley Preps You For Halloween!

Next month is the month of Halloween and that means Shemale Pornstars from all over will be pulling out their sexy outfits to show them off! To help get you in the mood, here are some pictures from one of Domino Presley’s sexy sets on Frank’s Tgirl World, and clearly, Officer Naughty is ready to […]

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May 19 2011

TS Domino Presley Horny In Short Shorts!

I wonder who came up with the whole, ‘Short Shorts’ thing…? I’m always curious about the history of words and such. Anyway, totally besides the point, which is, TS Domino Presley is looking as girly as can be (and hot) in her cute T-shirt and short shorts! The icing on the cake though are those […]

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May 12 2011

Domino Presley’s Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Bikini!

I was trying to think of the exact line of that song about the polka dot bikini but my memory is failing me at the moment. Anyway, that was the first thing I thought of when I saw Domino Presley in this new shoot of hers on her site, closely followed by the thought that […]

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