Aug 23 2011

TS Domino Presley Unveils Her New Boobs!

Members of Domino Presley’s Official Site got the first full look at her new boobs last week, and now that they’re unveiled, here is a look for you! Whatever your personal opinion is on breast enhancements, you’ve got to admit, Domino Presley looks amazing in this set!

We’d like to congratulate Domino Presley on what appears to be a very successful operation and I, for one, can’t wait to see more of the twins in action. I always thought that Domino was one of the world’s most beautiful Shemale Pornstars, and I think her two recent additions are only going to help gather her more Fans and Admirers from around the world.


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9 Responses to “TS Domino Presley Unveils Her New Boobs!”

  1. jacke says:

    WOW! I Love u even more now, but is that possible! Domino you are perfect!

  2. Vic says:

    Why, oh why, do beautiful women like Domino feel the need to stuff man made material into their perfectly fine breasts? Damn…she was perfect before!

    I will miss her firm and perky SMALL breasts…I thought they were perfect! Not so much of a fan now, sorry to say. It’s just me but…

    It’s all our fault…somehow women, and TS’s especially, have come to believe that only large breasts are attractive. Well I’m here to speak for the millions of people who disagree. Big breasts are OVERATED! We like those small, but firm, little ones that stand up and say hello…and we are trying VERY hard not to speak to “them”, instead of you!

    It’s all temporary…what do you think those implants will look like in 20 years???

    Please, ladies (all kinds)…stop the insanity! Leave your beautiful bodies alone and stop trying to please narrow minded people! I realize that many of you do it for your own self esteem…but you feel it’s necessary for all the wrong reasons. If a person can’t look at Domino, before the breast augmentation, and say she was just beautiful and perfect…then that person has lost the ability to find beauty. That person has defined “beauty” in their own societal terms…”big tits good, Ugh”.

    If you go on Usenet you will find many groups dedicated to smaller breasts. You will also find that they are AT LEAST as active as the huge mammary groups?

    Ladies…leave yourselve’s alone! There are millions upon millions of people who like you…just as you are! You are catering to the BLT’s (Barbie Look Team). These are the people who form our definition of “beauty” and “ugly”…and the definition of beauty is so narrow as to be unbelivable! Forget them…when millions upon millions of people find you beautiful just as you are…why are you paying any attention??

    If my favorite ladies keep stuffing crap in their breasts, based on a totally false “sense of worth”, I’m really going to have to write off the human race. C’mon ladies…you are all beautiful!

  3. Damn says:

    She is hot but she still hot without those boobs but like it

  4. gay says:

    hello byby yo toop toop toop

  5. Ed says:

    I think she was hot before. Now I think she fine as hell.

  6. TrannyLvrX says:

    I don’t blame Transexual women for chosing a quick and simple operation over spending years on hormones and not geting the results they want. Normaly I’m against boob-jobs, but in the case of MTFs I think its the obvious choice.

    At any rate, I would like to have rough passionate sex with the beautiful Domino. 😀

  7. Andy White says:


  8. Claire-TS says:

    If I do understand that Domino had a boobs surgery, same as I did years ago, I really preferred her natural little boobs.

    TS Claire from Belgium

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