Aug 09 2011

Domino Presley Heats Up Your Screen With Hardcore Action!

Domino Presley - Hardcore Heat!

As if Summer wasn’t hot enough already, now you’ve got Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley making things even hotter with this new hardcore set of hers. Summer days are always so lazy… it is too hot to go outside and do anything so Domino Presley finds herself cooped up inside…

Luckily for Domino Presley, she has a long list of friends and admirers she can call who are always willing to come over and give her a little attention. Here we find Domino nearly bending herself in half as she offers up her Shemale ass to her friend Patrick, who is only too eager to stuff his hard cock into her! Looks like he’s going to get plastered with a load of Domino’s cum as she rides his cock!

Domino Presley - Hardcore Heat! Domino Presley - Hardcore Heat!


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