Aug 05 2010

Domino Presley Performing As Jazmin Aviance…

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Holy Crap! I had no idea that our girl Domino Presley could move her body like this! What a freakin’ hot little dance video! I also didn’t know that Domino used to perform under the stage name Jazmin Aviance… Now I’ve dun learnt my thang for the day!

I have to say, I thought I knew TS Domino pretty well, but it looks like I have a lot to learn about this rising Shemale Pornstar. I can tell you this though, it’s going to be a whole lot of fun to take this journey and I can’t wait to uncover the next little nugget of Domino Presley’s personality! Now, I think I’ll just sit back and watch this video one…more…time…

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