Nov 04 2010

Come Check Out More Domino Presley On Her Official Blog!

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Hey Domino Presley Fans!

Want to see some really great pictures of Domino Presley from all her various shoots and sets on Shemale porn sites? Want to know what’s going on with this beautiful and talented Shemale Pornstar? Well, you’ve come to the right place right here on the Domino Presley Fan Blog!

But, did you know that Domino Presley has her very own Official Blog too, where you can read posts written directly by Domino herself as well as check out some pictures from unique projects that she’s working on? Domino’s a busy girl these days so you may not get the quantity of updates you’ll get here but when she does update there, she does it with some really, really great pictures. Anyway, I hope you’ll check out the Official Blog of Domino Presley every once in a while too…

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