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Oct 07 2014

Fucking And Filled With Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley!

Why just look at Domino Presley’s hot ass when you can imagine yourself fucking it! Domino Presley is getting all the action her ass can handle and she wants you to watch! Swing on by and watch Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley fucking right now! COME CHECK OUT MORE AT DOMINO PRESLEY’S PORN SITE!

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Sep 30 2014

Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley And That Hot Ass!

One of the hottest asses in all of Shemale porn has got to belong to the lovely Domino Presley! Check out all of it that you can handle over at her Shemale porn site today! COME CHECK OUT MORE SHEMALE PORNSTAR DOMINO PRESLEY!

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Jun 03 2014

Smoking And Stroking With Tgirl Pornstar Domino Presley!

This set featuring the lovely Tgirl Pornstar Domino Presley reminds me of one of those scenes from the old exploitation movies, where the girl comes back after a hard day, halfway drunk, strung out, and horny as heck! Domino Presley settles down in front of her motel air conditioner and reaches slowly into her tight […]

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May 20 2014

Red Chair Beauty With Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley!

I’m sure I have said this numerous times here at the Domino Presley Fan Blog, but I’ll continue saying it as long as there are pictures of Domino to show off. There are very few girls in the industry who can successfully pull off a set like this one and “get away with it”. Domino […]

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Apr 29 2014

Sexy Hoodie Shoots With Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley!

Well, it seems that Domino Presley is once again making a little run of updating her Shemale porn site, and this time hopefully we’ll get a nice few round of updates. Here we find Domino Presley doing some teasing in her hoodie and red panties, which I think, should end up in a heap on […]

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Mar 04 2014

Domino Presley – The Trap – The Unicorn

From Domino: Many have questioned me on what I mean when I say “I’m the trap”. When a guy flirts with me or takes me home unaware of my Unicorness, he is falling into “the trap”. Being that this happens quite often, A friend of mine thought it suiting to call me The Trap. How […]

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Dec 03 2013

Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley Will Make You Wet!

There is no doubt that Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley will make you wet… whether you’re a guy or a girl! Guys love the thought of Domino Presley sucking on their cocks and I’ll bet that any girl would probably have to think twice about switching teams for the beautiful TS Domino Presley! COME GET WET […]

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Oct 08 2013

Creative Glamor With Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley!

Here are some pictures from the last set that Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley did before she took her break from Shemale porn. I think it was a really sexy set and you just had to be disappointed if you were a Domino Presley Fan that she went out at what seemed like a really creative […]

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Nov 27 2012

Domino Presley Gets Her Ass Fucked By Britney Markham!

Remember this awesome set featuring TS Domino Presley and TS Britney Markham at Shemale Yum? Well, Members of Domino Presley’s Official Site probably revisit this scene on a semi-regular basis because it is just so hot to watch these two lovely Shemale Pornstars have some bedroom fun! This is an all-natural Domino Presley, before her […]

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Aug 14 2012

Domino Presley Goes Movie Star In Orange!

OK… so I know that post title made absolutely no sense but my mind was running out of steam. When I first saw this picture though from this Domino Presley gallery, the first thought that ran through my mind was, ‘Wow… she looks like a total movie star.’ I love the pose and the stare […]

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